Muis Halal Competency Assessment (HCA)
Rules and Regulations

Please read the following Rules and Regulations regarding the Muis Halal Competency Assessment before coming for your assessment.  By registering for the HCA, you agree to accept the terms and conditions stipulated in this document. 

The HCA assessment is 90 minutes long and consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions.  You must answer all questions.

      1.     Candidates are to report 30 minutes before the start of the assessment.

2.       Latecomers who are late for more than 15 minutes will not be allowed to sit for the assessment and assessment fee will be forfeited. No refunds are allowed. 

3.       Candidates must be properly attired to be allowed entry into the assessment room. Those who are not appropriately dressed (e.g. singlets) will not be allowed admission to the assessment room. Unless worn for religious purposes, headgear such as hats, caps and the hood on the jacket are not allowed.

4.       Candidates must bring a valid physical government-issued identity document (ID) such as the Singapore NRIC, Driving License, Military SAF 11B or Passport. Digital IDs (e.g. in Singpass App) are not accepted.

5.       Candidates are not allowed to bring any prohibited items to the workstation or access them when the assessment is ongoing. Prohibited items include but not limited to the following:

                                                      (i)            mobile phones
(ii)            computers
(iii)            calculators 
electronic or wireless technology
(v)            wearable technology such as fitness trackers and smart watches
(vi)            analog and digital watches
(vii)            audio and video recording devices
(viii)            notes
(ix)            writing materials
(x)            food and drink 


    6.     All personal belongings should be kept in lockers provided. Please ensure all electronic devices are switched off. The invigilator is authorised to examine all suspicious items in the possession of the candidate at the workstation and confiscate these items if they are deemed to be items that threaten to breach the security of the assessment. Those caught in the possession of such prohibited items at the workstation will be treated as having cheated or attempting to cheat.

7.    The invigilator will escort candidates to their workstations. Do not attempt to start the examination until the invigilator provides further instructions. Do not attempt to navigate outside of the assessment screen or you will be locked out of the assessment.

       1. Candidates must place their identity document on the top left corner of the desk at all times. Do not take the assessment on behalf of another person.

 2.       There are no breaks for this assessment. If a candidate uses the restroom, the time will not be paused. No additional time will be allocated.

 3.       Time taken to provide feedback to questions will be regarded as part of the assessment time. No additional time will be allocated.

 4.       Once the assessment begins, candidates are not allowed to leave the assessment centre until the end of the assessment. Once a candidate exits the assessment centre, he/she will not be allowed re-entry into the examination centre.

 5.       A candidate must not, for any reason, speak to or have communication with another candidate. 

      1.   Candidates should keep the noise level to the minimum and leave the assessment room quickly.

2.      Candidates will not be able to access their results immediately after the assessment is completed. An email notification on assessment results will be sent within 3 working days after the end of the assessment.

The invigilator reserves the right to deny entry or expel any candidate from the examination centre if he/she is deemed to be uncooperative or wilfully acting against the instructions of the invigilator. Such candidates may be disqualified from the current assessment, barred from further taking of the Muis Halal Competency Assessment, and have their past assessment results voided.
Candidates are reminded that the assessment centre is under constant audio and video surveillance.
Do not attempt to reboot the system, tamper with the monitor, power switch or cable. Please notify the invigilator immediately if you have any technical issues.
Muis reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time.

If you need to reschedule your assessment, you may do so:

·       At least 1 day before assessment date, one free reschedule is allowed.

·       On assessment day, a $20 admin fee applies (payable to Studyworks).

The HCA fee is non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for a cancelled HCA session or for a no-show without valid reasons. Any rescheduling fee incurred will be paid to Studyworks.


If you



Action to

Re-schedule at least 1

day before the assessment date


No refund but you are allowed to reschedule once without additional charge.

Log into the Studyworks Exam Portal
and click the “Reschedule” button or
email us at

Do not show up on assessment day

With valid reasons supported by official documents e.g. Medical Certificate, Bereavement, Hospitalisation,

Order etc.


You are allowed to reschedule once without additional charge.

Contact Studyworks to reschedule.

Email document to


Do not show up on assessment day or show up more than 15 min late

Without valid reasons.

Work schedule or last minute meetings, overslept, cannot find the place, cannot get transport etc are not considered valid reasons.

No refund. You may reschedule

your assessment to a later available date, but there will be an admin fee of $20 payable to Studyworks.



Re-schedule your assessment date AGAIN after the first re-schedule


There will be an admin fee of $20 payable to Studyworks.



your assessment


No refund



        Please note that the HCA assessment fee is paid directly to Muis.


By registering for the HCA, you agree to accept the terms and conditions stipulated in this document.  

Please contact Studyworks at 6251-6448 or email us at if you have any queries or require clarifications.