CAAS UAPL Theory Test

Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License Theory Test

Important Information

Please take note of the important information regarding your UAPL Theory Test. 
here to download a copy of the Test Day Information.


Date and Time 
Please check the date and time of your test and arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test time. Registration starts 30 minutes before test time. Latecomers will be denied entry into the exam centre and will not be allowed to sit for the exam.  There is no rescheduling for absentees or latecomers without valid reasons and your test fee will be forfeited.

 The UAPL Theory Test will be conducted at the CAAS Exam Centre located at:

   60 Airport Boulevard
   Changi Airport Terminal 2, Unit #B1/63-64
   Singapore 819643

Directions on how to get to the exam centre can be found at this link.

Please bring the correct Identification such as your Singapore NRIC, Military SAF 11B or Passport as well as a printout of your booking confirmation.

Personal Belongings
You will be assigned a space to place your personal belongings inside.

You will not be allowed to access your handphone, electronic devices, study materials at any time once the test starts. Failure to comply with CAAS and the test center rules and participation in any form of dishonesty will result in you being dismissed from the test center and banned from future exams, your test results withheld,  with possible legal actions taken against you.

Late Arrivals
If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may not be allowed entry into the test centre, and your test fee may be forfeited.

Examination Instructions

These instructions must be complied with throughout the examination. CAAS will take action should any candidate be deemed not complying with the instructions.

Before you enter the examination centre:

1.    You must be properly attired to be allowed entry into the examination centre. Candidates who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed admission to the examination centre (for example, collarless T-shirt, singlet, shorts, slippers, sandals, or non-covered shoes). Similarly, entry will be denied to candidates adorning any earpiece, earphone or headphones. Unless worn for religious purposes, headgear are not allowed.

2.      You must bring a valid and unexpired identity document such as the Singapore NRIC, Military SAF 11B or passport.

3.       Ensure you know your username and password.

4.      You are not allowed to bring your own calculator. Basic calculators will be provided.

5.   You are not allowed to bring your watches, mobile phones or any gadget capable of audio and/or video recording to your workstation. Such items must be deposited in the shelves provided before proceeding to your workstation. The invigilator is authorised to examine all suspicious items in the possession of the candidate at the workstation and confiscate these items if they are deemed to be items that threaten to breach the security of the examinations. CAAS takes a serious view of any such attempts, and those caught in the possession of such forbidden items at the workstation will be treated as having cheated or attempting to cheat.

When you are allowed into the examination centre:

6.     Please empty your pockets and keep your personal belongings in the shelves provided and ensure you have switched off all electronic devices. The invigilator has the right to ask you to pull out your pockets to check that they are empty.

7.       Check your details before signing on the attendance sheet.

8.       Go to your assigned workstation and wait for the invigilator’s instructions. Do not attempt to start the examination until the invigilator provides further instructions.

9.       Please place your identity document on the top left corner of the desk at all times.

10.  Once the examination has begun, you will not be allowed to leave the examination centre for toilet breaks. Once you have left the examination centre, you will not be allowed re-entry into the examination centre.

11.  You shall only use the papers provided by CAAS for all your rough workings/calculations. Candidates found to be in possession of any materials other than those permitted will be deemed to be cheating.

12.    Do not copy another candidate’s answers or assist another candidate in cheating.

13.    Do not take the examination on another person’s behalf.

14.    Do not access prohibited instruments and materials such as study notes, cheat sheets or other resources.

15.    Do not talk to other candidates or someone else outside of the examination centre.

16.    Do not take pictures or copy any questions out of the examination centre via any medium such as paper or writing on your body etc.

17.    All papers must be returned to the invigilator at the end of the examination. Do not tear or crush the papers provided.


18.  The invigilator reserves the right to deny entry or expel any candidate from the examination centre if he/she is deemed to be uncooperative or wilfully acting against the instructions of the invigilator. Such candidates may be disqualified from the current examination, barred from further taking of any CAAS licensing examinations, and have their past examination results voided.

19.    You are reminded that the examination centre is under constant video surveillance.

20.    Do not attempt to reboot the system, tamper with the monitor, power switch or cable. Please notify the invigilator immediately if you have any technical issues.

CAAS reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time.

[June 2023]